Irrigation Fitting Mould

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PP/POM шағын клапан қалып

PP/POM шағын клапан қалып

Irrigation mini valve has many different types, this type without sealing ring, it's the most popular type in the market at present, it's new design, price is cheaper, and very good quality, no any leakage, there has two different materials in the market, PP and POM, both are ok. About mini valve mold, we use standard mold base, cavity with 718H or H13 steel, mini valve body mold with 3plates design, hot or cold runner, normal 4cavity, the core use beryllium bronze is better, HRC38, better than water cooling, the mini valve handle mold also use standard mold base, normal with 8cavity, subgate, cold runner is ok. We can design one size just one body valve mold, use changable inserts to change different type, it's easy to change the cavity at the injection machine, by this way can help custo......

Ары қарай оқуСұрау жіберу
Ouding Building - Қытайдағы Irrigation Fitting Mould өндірушілер мен жеткізушілердің бірі. Біздің зауыттан төмен бағамен немесе арзан бағамен көтерме тегін үлгі және жоғары сапа Irrigation Fitting Mould. Біздің өнімдерді теңшеуге болады.
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